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Monday, February 17, 2020
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Welcome sports campers!!

Below is where you can utilize our exclusive sports camp search feature that allows you to perform a comprehensive, custom search for the sports camps that interest you. When selecting a sports camp use the drop down lists provided to enter as much information to precisely narrow your results to only display the best camps for you. Be sure to completely read the details of the camp, visit their website, and/or call to make sure you have a complete understanding of the camp, its philosophy, and its teaching style and overall camp objectives. Things to look for while evaluating and comparing potential camps are:

  • Qualified and experienced instructors and coaches
    - Bios and resumes are helpful
  • Level of intensity and competitiveness
  • Is this camp a good one for college exposure?
    - If going to obtain visibility for future recruitment opportunities.
  • Camp accreditations
  • Prior parent and camper testimonials
  • Camp preparedness for emergencies
  • Policies for refunds, cancellations, liability, in climate weather
  • Accommodations
    - Safe, heating, A/C
  • Food/Nutritional services
  • What does the camper need to bring to camp?
  • Camper security, monitoring, and safety procedures
Features and Benefits

What do I get out of attending a Sports Camp?

  • The development of the techniques and skills needed to become a well rounded individual and team player.
  • Enhancement of sportsmanship principles and objectives along with creating everlasting friends and memories. 
  • Mental preparation for advancement to the next level of performance whether is be from recreational to competitive, competitive to premier, premier to high school, high school to college, or from college to the pros. 
  • Visibility and exposure to college coaches and scouts for recruitment and scholarship opportunities.
  • Opportunity to learn from the most experienced instructors and coaches in their respective sports.
  • Obtain an understanding of the importance of discipline within any sport along with the physical and mental demands of training, practicing, commitment, hard work, responsibility, and team communication.
  • Understanding the importance of physical fitness and athleticism from all aspects: speed, agility, strength, conditioning, and nutrition.
  • And the most important of all… always have fun!
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